WellFire Full Metal Gearbox VZ61 CQB Scorpion AEG Rifle SMG

  • $149.95

The WellFire Vz61 Scorpion is one of the most realistic VZ61 replicas on the market, offering more power than the Marui version with all the realism (full metal lower receiver) at only a fraction of the cost!  Loaded with a full metal gearbox, drum magazine, full metal folding stock, full metal lower receiver and a 20mm rail system set-up located under the barrel, this AEG is ready to rock and roll.  Infamous for its Soviet service background, the Vz61 is a compact CQB AEG that packs a huge punch, even out on the open fields.

This is the "R2C" model designation:  COMES WITH 290-RD DRUM MAGAZINE AND 30-ROUND STANDARD MAGAZINE

  •     Metal Folding Stock
  •     Adjustable Hop-Up
  •     Metal Lower Receiver
  •     20mm Under Barrel Rail
  •     Adjustable Sights
  •     Battery
  •     Charger
  •     Manual
  •     Standard Magazine and Drum Magazine
  •     Loader
  •     Cleaning Rod
  •     200 pcs 0.25g. BBs
  •     Gearbox Type: Well Mini Type
  •     Magazine Capacity: 50 Rounds
  •     Length: 500mm
  •     Accuracy: 100 feet
  •     Muzzle Velocity: 250 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
  •     Battery Pack Size: 7.2V Custom Battery